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We've been operating in Victoria since 1996 with many happy repeat customers. We specialize in quality installations of plumbing, heating and gas for new homes or renovations. We service what we sell.

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Worker Installing Boiler


For new construction, plumbing begins at the foundation and continues with rough in work at framing stage. The final touches are added when all of the fixtures and faucets are installed, ready for the new homeowner. Our work is installed by certified installers and is fully tested and approved by local authority inspectors. We work closely with suppliers, plumbing showrooms, inspection departments, builders and of course, you the customer to deliver an installation we are proud of.Renovations can require more care and thought when accessibility and protection of existing finishes have to be considered. ith renovation comes improvement, and we strive to bring better quality to the end product which helps enhance the value of the home and increase the enjoyment of the customer.

Worker installing boiler

Water Heaters

From standard electric water heaters to high efficiency on-demand gas water heaters, we supply and install a wide range of heating options for your domestic water. On display in our showroom we have an operation ondemand water heater. Come in to see and hear it in operation!



We specialize in hydronic heating systems. There are a variety of heat transfer emitters: cast iron radiators, finned baseboard radiators, fan coil units and in-floor radiant heating. Systems can be customized to your specific needs and we use the best materials and heating equipment on the market. We have been designing our systems in-house for 40 years. When you want the best heating system available, let us bring the most comfortable heat to your home. Come into our showroom and see our operational heating system. It is quiet and extremely efficient.We also install or replace gas fired warm air furnace systems. With rebates from FortisBC, you can upgrade your existing heating system and not only save on the cost of installation but also on the fuel savings with the high efficiency equipment we use.

Black tiled Fireplace


One of our specialties is gas and electric fireplaces. From inserts and zero clearance fireplaces, free-standing stoves or linear models, we have a fireplace to fit your home and budget. Come into our showroom and see our selection of operating display models and just imagine the beauty of a gas or electric fireplace in your home. The warmth, convenience and mesmerizing look of a fireplace really makes a home.

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Brochures and manufacturer’s websites can only provide so much information when you are making a choice about which products you should buy. Come in and see our equipment working - feel the heat and hear how quietly they operate.

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